Our History

Al-Ittihad Schools Shareholding Company was established on 8/5/2000 as a result of the merger of Al-Ittihad Schools Limited Liability Company, which was established in 1993, with Fajr Al-Sabah Schools Limited Liability.


The secret of the school's distinction since its inception

Believing in the saying, “Give me a distinguished teacher and I will give you an outstanding student.” Therefore, the adopted policy was to choose competent and loyal teachers who belong to their schools and who are able to achieve the desired goals.

Al Ittihad Schools’  results throughout its history were distinguished, thus,  every year the names of our students shine in the advanced positions of the top ten at the level of the Kingdom in the general secondary stage in the national system as well as in the international system.  A distinguished board of directors contributed to this distinction that did not skimp and did not stop at the limits of the material aspects, but rather presented all the desired facilities in order to produce a distinguished edifice.