The Bilingual Kindergarten of Al-Ittihad Schools adopts modern distinctive curricula for all study and entertainment subjects enabling the kindergarten student to pass the first grade entrance exam in one of the international or national schools and this is conducted through an integrated curriculum that includes Arabic language subjects: Arabic language, mathematics- Islamic education and Islamic values- and teaching the Holy Quran in addition to the English language subjects: English Language, math, science and computer science.

Al-Ittihad Bilingual Kindergarten was established in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five, and many students who are outstanding educationally and academically graduated from it, they had a positive impact on society. Believing in the importance of providing love, respect, safety, and self-esteem as basic foundations for the normal development of the child in kindergarten, we seek for our beloved child to live in a warm family atmosphere in which he gets used to independence, self reliance, and cooperation with others, which enhances his selfconfidence, through the use of modern educational methods, and the consolidation of Religious, possessive and social concepts , as well as the development of linguistic fluency, logical thinking and problem solving, and the artistic taste of the child to hand him the keys to science and knowledge, and thus bring out the most outstanding generation.

The kindergarten is characterized by specialized teachers who are scientifically educationally and behaviourally qualified. Cognitive goals are achieved through distinct educational curricula in Arabic, mathematics, English, science & math. Just as we care about the mind, we care about the spirit through a religious and value program that is given by memorizing chapters from the Qur’an through competitions and honoring children in a special ceremony and teaching them Islamic values. And just as we care about the spirit and the mind, we care about the body. We are interested in training it in various sports skills, specially swimming in the kindergarten’s private pool according to the highest standards in terms of safety and cleanliness, and the indoor sports fields (football and basketball games), and the outdoor ones equipped with modern games. (Skiing, climbing, trampoline games, cars and sand play area). We also give importance to the aesthetic and artistic aspect through music classes and art classes.

Basis for admission to our schools

To contact the Union Schools Kindergarten:

phone number 5658000 ext. 261

director’s office 5658000 ext. 260

You can also come personally at a predetermined date by the administration to meet your children's teachers to match their free time.

Dear parents, you can keep track on the kindergarten news and activities
through Al-Ittihad Schools Facebook and on the schools website

Daily working hours of Al-Ittihad Kindergarten:

The daily attendance of the kindergarten regularly and at the specified times is very important (8:00 am) to achieve the desired goals of the scheduled timetable.

The kindergarten opens the main door from 7:00 am until 2:45 pm, please hand over the child and receive it by hand and make sure that it enters the duty room to prevent any harm affecting the child.

The kindergarten administration must be notified if another person is sent to accompany your child. A copy of the personal identification card of that person must be submitted. The child shall not be handed over to any other person unknown to the teacher, unless the kindergarten administration is notified in advance, and we expects everyone to comply in order to preserve the safety of our children.