Registration Guidelines:

  • Applicants at the International School must sit for the Entrance Exams which include Arabic, English and Maths. Students will need to achieve 50% average to be admitted to the school.
  • Complete the school application.
  • Pass an interview to make sure that the students are ready to join the school.
  • Submit the completed school application form together with the required documents to the admission office.

Non-native speakers of Arabic join special leveled groups according to their level to increase their proficiency in the language. Registration usually starts in May. The number of seats is limited in each classroom and registration closes when the quota specified for each class is met.

Enrolment Documents

You are kindly requested to provide the school with each of the following documents during the course of the registration of your son/daughter and before his/her acceptance in order to complete his/her student file:

  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate certified by the Civil Registration Department.
  • A copy of the vaccination card (for KG1, KG2 & G1 students).
  • Three passport-size photographs.
  • A copy of the Family Book for Jordanian students with the National Number.
  • A copy of the resident permit for Non-Jordanian students (to be submitted on a yearly basis).
  • A health certificate.
  • Transfer certificate certified by the Ministry of Education / Private Education Department in Jabal Al Hussein.
  • Certified end of year marks certificate from the previous school(s).
*If the transferring student is arriving from a foreign country, the following authorities should certify his/her documents:
  • Ministry of Education in his/her country.
  • The Jordanian Embassy in his/her country.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his/her country.
  • His/her Embassy in Jordan.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jordan.
  • The Ministry of Education for equalization in Jordan.
  • Private Education Department.
The school is committed to implement all instructions and regulations issued by the Ministry of Education for private and public schools.

Tuition Fees

International School Tuition Fees 2022/ 2023

Registration fees (200 JD) :

A non-refundable fee is paid once by all new KG1-12th grade students.


External Exams Fees such as CP, CS, IGCSE, GCE & AHSD are not included in the school fees. These fees for the British Program and the American Program are paid a few months before the exam date.

Textbooks for optional subjects for grades 10-12 are paid separately. Prices are subject to change in line with the market rate.

Please note that textbooks will only be sold to students whose fees have been paid.

Transportation Fees

A special discount for Sports City residents:

  • The first sibling pays all the transportation fees.
  • A 50% discount of transportation fee is offered for the second sibling.
  • A 100% discount of transportation fee is offered for the third sibling.

Other Fees

A) Intensive Arabic (350 JD):-

Offered to students who require intensive teaching in Arabic (non–native speakers of Arabic), where they join special leveled groups according to their level to improve their proficiency in the language.



B) Graduation Fees:-

Grade 12 Students (200 JD).

KG2 Students (50JD).


C) Textbooks, Digital Platforms and Supplies:

  * 250 JD (for KG1 –KG 2).

  * 350 JD (from Grade 1 – Grade 8).

  * 400 JD (IG Grade 9).

 * 450 JD (AHSD Grade 9 for digital resources, soft copy of the textbook and    use hard copy of the textbook in class).

 * 150 JD for supplies ONLY (from Grade 10 – Grade 12 IG & AHSD).


D) CP & CS Checkpoints external exams:

      Grade 5: 120 JD

      Grade 8: 140 JD


E) As part of social solidarity, 15JD will be paid to King Hussein Cancer Foundation (Cancer Care Program).


F) *100 JD for Little Genius (Grades 1-4)


1- Siblings Discounts:

A 10% discount of the tuition is offered for the second sibling.

A 15% discount of the tuition is offered for the third sibling.

A 20% discount of the tuition is offered for the other siblings.

2- Total Annual Fee Payment in Advance Discount:

   A 10% discount is offered to those paying the full amount (fees and transportation) in cash before 1/07/

   A 6% discount is offered to those paying the whole amount of tuition (fees and transportation) in cash from 2/07/2023 until the beginning of the school year.

3- Special Discounts:

A 20% discount is offered to children of employees of the National Armed Forces, Ministries, Royal Jordanian, Telecommunication Companies, Insurance Companies, Jordan Customs, The Independent Election Commission of Jordan, Drugs Companies, Jordanian Electric Power Company, Banks, Income Tax Department, Social Security Corporation, Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company, King Hussein Cancer Centre, Fine Company and the members of the following syndicates: Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants, Pharmacists, Agricultural Engineers and Nurses.

Notes:  **Double discounts are not permitted except for cash discount.

 **Discounts are applicable on tuition fees only.

Terms & Methods of Payment

All tuition, transportation and other fees must be paid on registration

(Cash or Cheques).

Five cheques are to be submitted to the Finance Department dated:-

First cheque      40%   at the time of registration.

Second cheque 10%   at the beginning of the school year.

Third cheque    15%   on 30/10/2023

Fourth cheque  15%    on 30/12/2023

Fifth cheque       20%    on 28/2/2024

*School uniform items are purchased separately.

* 300 JD is deducted upon student’s withdrawal before the beginning of the school year, and no refund is given upon withdrawal after that date.