Admission Procedure at Al Ittihad Schools:


*Applicants at the National Schools are invited for an interview.

Enrolment Documents

You are kindly requested to provide the school with each of the following documents during the course of the registration of your son/daughter and before his/her acceptance in order to complete his/her student file:

  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate certified by the Civil Registration Department.
  • A copy of the vaccination card (for KG1, KG2 & G1 students).
  • Three passport-size photographs.
  • A copy of the Family Book for Jordanian students with the National Number.
  • A copy of the resident permit for Non-Jordanian students (to be submitted on a yearly basis).
  • A health certificate.
  • Transfer certificate certified by the Ministry of Education / Private Education Department in Jabal Al Hussein.
  • Certified end of year marks certificate from the previous school(s).

*If the transferring student is arriving from a foreign country, the following authorities should certify his/her documents:

  • Ministry of Education in his/her country.
  • The Jordanian Embassy in his/her country.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his/her country.
  • His/her Embassy in Jordan.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jordan.
  • The Ministry of Education for equalization in Jordan.
  • Private Education Department.


  • The Embassy of his country in Jordan.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jordan.
  • Ministry of Education in Jordan for equalization.
  • Private Education Department.

The school is committed to implement all instructions and regulations issued by the Ministry of Education for private and public schools.

Scholarships and Discounts


  1. Academic scholarships ( Full and Partial )

The scholarship exam is conducted from grade 8 going on to grade 9 up to grade 11 going on to 12 for both the literary and scientific streams.

  1. High Achievers / merits Scholarships.

From grade 5 going on to grade 6 up to grade 11 going on to 12 for both the literary and scientific streams.

The scholarship is given to the high achievers for the next grade level according to their total average with different percentage depending on the students' ranks in their grade level. As Shown below:



Discount Percentage


Student's Rank


























  1. The Holy Quran Scholarship

As scholarship is given to students who memorize The Quran,  the percentage is determined by how many parts the students memorize.

Secondary School (Grade12) Awards and Rewards:


  • 4000 JDs are rewarded to the student who ranks first in the kingdom.
  • 2500 JDs are rewarded to the student who ranks second in the kingdom.
  • 1500 JDs are rewarded to students who rank third – tenth in the kingdom.


  • Students are also presented with substantial academic and discounts from Applied Science University



  1. Siblings' Discount
  • The sibling in the highest grade doesn't receive a discount 
  • The second sibling receives10 % discount on school fees
  • The third sibling receives15% discount on school fees
  • The fourth and other sibling receive25 % discount on school fees
  1. A 20% discount is offered to children of employees of the National Armed Forces, Ministries, Royal Jordanian, Telecommunication Companies, Insurance Companies, Jordan Customs, The Independent Election Commission of Jordan, Drugs Companies, Jordanian Electric Power Company, Banks, Income Tax Department, Social Security Corporation, Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company, King Hussein Cancer Centre, Fine Company and the members of the following syndicates: Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants, Pharmacists,  Agricultural Engineers and Nurses.
  1. Cash Discount:

A 10 % discount is received on school fees and transportation when the tuition is paid fully in cash before 31st July.

A 6 % discount is received on school fees and transportation when the tuition is paid fully in cash from 1st August until the beginning of the school year.

Notes :

  • Students' ranks are determined by grade level not sections. If students have the same rank the reward is split equally among them.
  • The rewards and awards are given to registered students only.
  • Discounts and scholarship is restricted to school fees only and doesn't include transportation fees and registration fees.
  • High Achiever Scholarships don’t apply to KG up to grade 5 students.
  • Dual discounts and reductions are not permitted except for the cash discount. If the student is eligible for more than one discount the school applies the highest discount.