Code of Conduct

Al-Ittihad School expects all students to be accountable for their behaviour towards their parents and their school and are expected to show consideration for others at all times. For the benefit of the whole community, all school rules must be observed.

All students must be

  • Courteous and co-operative.
  • orrectly dressed in full school uniform.
  • Quiet and orderly inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Punctual for morning assembly and all lessons.
  • Prepared with all necessary equipment.
  • Ready and alert to start lessons on time.
  • Attentive in class.
  • Respectful of school property.
  • Aware of the school environment, as far as cleanliness and tidiness are concerned.

Reward System

Al-Ittihad School acknowledges every small victory and encourages a high standard of work. Therefore, appreciation certificates and prizes are presented to the high achieving students in academics, extra-curricular activities, sports, arts, and Qura’an recital. Moreover, scholarships are awarded for grades 7-11 to the first three high academic achievers in every grade.

School Counseling

Since school counseling serves as a vital role in maximizing students’ success, our school provides this service to students, as well as parents.

Our school counselor develops confidential relationships with students to help them resolve and/or cope with problems and developmental concerns such as: bullying, abuse, peer pressure, self-esteem or self-confidence, bereavement, family problems, hygiene, relationships with friends, teachers and parents, smoking, homework or assessments, anxiety, anger management, appropriate use of the internet, and any other adolescent concerns.