Activities’ Club

Our broad activity program instills the passion for discovery and self-reliance. It also provides them with new skills which infuse in the love for their country and community.

Each activity is assigned certain amount of hours every week under the supervision of trained individuals.

The various activities include: sports, music, arts or literature.

Sports Teams

School activities also include sports' teams such as volleyball, basketball, and football. Each student has the chance to participate and be part of any team to compete in internal and external competitions.  



As Building students' characters and developing their personalities is a very important aspect and one  of the school's major aims,  the school holds different  internal competitions like ,  The Science Week , Art Exhibition , Story Writing ,  Poetry Composition and The Reading Challenge.  The school also takes part in most external competitions held by Ministry of Education.   

School Trips

School Trips introduce students the different natural and historical landmarks in the country. Moreover, students from all the learning stages take part in scientific excursions which help them learn through hands on experiences. These excursions are considered part of the extracurricular activities.




School Assessments

The school has its own evaluation system aligned with the ministry of education grounds for passing and failing in the primary and secondary stages.

The first three grades:

  1. Students are evaluated through different assignment and focus on various strategies such as checklists, rubrics and follow up records.
  2. The results at the end of the scholastic year are made up of the average of the two semesters. The final grade in each semester is the total of four assessments each carries a 25%. The students obtain the grades from ongoing assessments , written work, activates and verbal assignments

Grade four up to the secondary stage

Students are evaluated and assessed in the different subjects from grade four up to the first year of secondary education as the following:

First Assessment :  To assess the students pencil and paper strategies are used and it carries 20 % of the total grade

Second Assessment:  To assess the students pencil and paper strategies are used and it carries 20 % of the total grade

Third Assessment: To assess the students performance evaluation strategies are used  and it carries 20% of the total grade.

Final Assessment : A summative assessment that carries 40 % of the total grade.

For  Vocational studies the total grade is as the following :

40%  two summative exams and 60 % for practical exams

School Exam Instructions and Rules

  1. When a student is absent he/she must provide a medical report then to agree on date with the head section to re-sit the exam
  2. Students who fail; to attend any of the monthly or final exams without a medical excuse are not allowed to compete for the academic scholarship.
  3. Students have the right to recheck and revise their final exam papers if they doubt their results and to see their mistakes . The paper will be checked and revised by a special committee.