Al-Ittihad School / International Programme was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing a bilingual education which would meet the highest international standards whilst remaining deeply rooted in the Arab Islamic heritage. We are a school where modern educational theory and practice go hand in hand. At Al Ittihad School / International Programme; boys and girls are taught together until grade 5, separately from grade 6 to grade10, and then combine for classes in the senior years.
Al- Ittihad School has earned accreditation to teach CP, CS, IGCSE/ GCE/ IAL Programmes from the Ministry of Education, British Council in Amman, Cambridge University and Pearson Edexcel.

Why Al Ittihad School/ International Programme?

Worldwide reputation for the education the school provides. It is a leading private international school in Jordan, offering the International Cambridge Curriculum (CP,CS, IGCSE, GCE).

Modern facilities and highly qualified staff provide learners with a unique opportunity to enjoy a first-rate educational experience for success in tomorrow’s world.

Administration and management’s reputation and achievements to ensure that your children are in good hands capable of caring for and educating them.

Outstanding academic results in external exams over the past several years.

Medical insurance for all students regarding emergency incidents at the school.

The level of investment the school provides in technology and its integration into education.

Scholarships are offered for grades 7-12 based on end of year school reports. As for the new comers, scholarships are offered for grades 9-12 based on the external results and entrance exams.

The emphasis on English language instruction and students’ English proficiencies since English is your child’s gateway to the world through technology, communication and business and a great advantage in your children’s lives and future careers.

The emphasis on building students' character to ensure that they are ready for a complex and competitive life ahead.


  • The school comprises four sections: Kindergarten (KG 1& 2) Mixed (grades 1-4), Boys (grades 5-12), and Girls (grades 5-12).
  • The school’s modern facilities and highly qualified staff provide learners with a unique opportunity to enjoy a first-rate educational experience for success in tomorrow’s world. The school houses state-of-the-art science and computer labs, libraries, spacious classrooms equipped with ACs and interactive boards. In addition to an indoor pool, gyms, playing areas, football field and canteens.

The curriculum at Al Ittihad School /International Programme is modeled on an integrated system (CP, CS, IGCSE, GCE ), which has width and balance. It includes English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, French, Computer Studies, Music, Art/Craft, Physical Education, Islamic Studies and Arabic Language. These subjects are given by skilled teachers using appropriate methodologies in order to promote enjoyable learning and encourage high standards of achievement from the students.

English is the medium of instruction for most of the subjects. The curriculum at primary, intermediate and secondary levels prepares the foundation for the students to sit for the IGCSE examinations taken at the end of grade 10, and later to continue their AS and A-levels.

IGCSE /GCE Programme

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE/O-Level), and General Certificate of Education (GCE/ A Level) are balanced international curricula designed to encourage high academic standards through practical approaches to teaching and learning. The curricula are suitable for students of all nationalities and are ideal preparation for higher education.

Students begin learning the syllabus at the beginning of Grade 9 and take IGCSE/ O level examinations at the end of Grade 10. Students in Grade 11 take AS level and lastly A2 level examinations the year follows, when they are in Grade 12.

Upon successful completion of the course, students receive an internationally recognized qualification: International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for Ordinary Level and General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCE /IAL) for Advance Level.

The IGCSE /GCE are school-leaving certificates comparable to the Tawjihi in Jordan. These certificates are offered by Pearson Edexcel (Edexcel), Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and Oxford Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA).

The British Council runs the IGCSE examinations via CAIE, Edexcel and AQA. It also provides assistance to students in registering for the exams through their schools.

Assessment and Reporting Procedures

Report Cards are issued three times a term with scheduled parent-teacher conferences during the year. If a parent wishes to see any teacher at any other time, a meeting can be arranged. If parents wish to see the Principal or the Executive Director, they can do so by arranging an appointment.

Tests & examinations

Quizzes, projects and monthly tests are held throughout the year in each subject to monitor students’ progress. Homework and class participation are also an important part of the assessment. Scheduled examinations are held at the end of each term.

Code of Conduct

Al-Ittihad School expects all students to be accountable for their behaviour towards their parents and their school and are expected to show consideration for others at all times. For the benefit of the whole community, all school rules must be observed.

All students must be:

  • Courteous and co-operative.
  • Correctly dressed in full school uniform.
  • Quiet and orderly inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Punctual for morning assembly and all lessons.
  • Prepared with all necessary equipment.
  • Ready and alert to start lessons on time.
  • Attentive in class.
  • Respectful of school property.
  • Aware of the school environment, as far as cleanliness and tidiness are concerned.
Extra-curricular Activities

Al- Ittihad School / International Programme believes that through our extensive extra-curricular activities programme, the student develops a spirit of discovery and self-reliance; it encourages new skills and interests and inspires a sense of responsibility towards all members of the community.
Team sports are offered such as volleyball, table tennis, basketball and football. Everyone is encouraged to participate in a variety of competitions.

Field Trips

Students of all ages participate in field trips in order to not only have fun but also to allow them to absorb, interact and immerse themselves in a practical way. Through these trips students  experience how the outdoor relates to their school subjects and appreciate the country’s natural beauty.

Reward System & Scholarships

Al-Ittihad School / International Programme acknowledges every small victory and encourages a high standard of work. Therefore, appreciation certificates and prizes are presented to the high achieving students in academics, extra-curricular activities, sports, arts, and Qura’an recital. Moreover, scholarships are awarded to grades 7-12 to the first three high academic achievers in every grade based on the internal and external results.


 Executive Director:   Ms. Hiba Abu Khadijeh

Phone: +962 6 5658000       ext:401

School Principal  Ms. Ibtihal Atiyat

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +962 6 5658000       ext:402

KG Head Section: Ms. Ghadeer Hammad

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +962 6 5658000       ext:425

Mob: +962 7 7800 0576

IG Coordinator: Ms. Jala Akho

Email:  j.akho

Tel: +962 6 5658000       ext:409

Mob: +962 7 7800 0578


Grade 1-4 Head Section: Ms. Amani Najar

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +962 6 5658000       ext:405

Mob: +962  7 7800 0584

Grade 5-12 Boys Head Section: Ms.Rasheeda Alafghani

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: +962 6 5658000       ext:406

Mob: +962 7 7660 3355

Grade 5-12 Girls Head Section : Ms.Rula Suweiti

Email  : [email protected]

Phone: +962 6 5658000       ext:411

Mob: +962 7 7800 0598