Foundations of admission to our schools

  • Students are admitted from kindergarten stage till grade 3 after an interview with the child.
  • Students from grade 4 till grade 12 are admitted on the condition of getting 70% at Least.

The required documents and certificates:

First: (The Jordanian Student):

-  Original birth certificate that holds the national number or its certified copy from the civil status department.

- Other nationalities students: a birth certificate issued from the specialist department at his country or a certified copy of passport.

A copy of the vaccination card:

- Personal photos (2) With the need to take into account the applicable age of admission from these classes according to the instructions of the ministry of education.

Students coming from schools inside Jordan

Duly attested transfer certificate
The latest school result.
Health card.
Two recent certified copies of the birth certificate.
A recent personal photo.
A copy of the residence permits from the ministry of interior or the necessary approvals for non-Jordanian students.
Brining the annual results of grade 8 and 9 for students admitted for grade 10.

Students coming from the outside Jordan

Bringing the document required from the country they come from, duly attested, and then attested by the directorate of private education for the stages from Grade 1 till Grade 11 and 12. you have to attest (Certify) from the directorate of Jam’aa Brigade.
In case that it is not possible to present school documents, students of basic grade and grade 11 are admitted by virtue of a deadline letter by the Directorate of Education until the required documents are duly certified.

Admission (School Fees)

  • 250 JDs will be added upon Grade 12 Students for the sake of graduation fees plus the cash pre-paid for the seat card.
  • Fees for the new registered student is (150) from Grade 6 up to Grade 12.
  • Fees for the new registered student is (100) from kindergarten (1) up to Grade (5) .
  • (15) will be add for insurance at king Hussain Cancer Center (Care program).
  • Fees for the little Genius (100) will be added to grade (1) till grade (4).
  • (50) JDs will be added to the K.G (2) students for graduation ceremony. (party).
  • Students getting (90%) and up will be free from registration fees from Grade (5) till Grade (11)
  • The school books and curriculum will be distributed for free for all students.