Documents required for Al-Ittihad Bilingual Kindergarten student file:

The file must include the following documents:


School transportation:

Al-Ittihad Schools provide transportation service for children to the areas mentioned in the student registration guide for the year 2022-2023, and the cost depends on the region in which the student lives. A supervisor accompany the child to maintain his safety. So we hope dear parents to respect the bus supervisor and cooperate by adhering to bus schedules and waiting at the agreed location, because delaying the child causes a delay in the arrival of students to and from the Kindergarten of Al-Ittihad and their house and delivering children by hand.

Health insurance:

A clinic and a doctor for children in the school building during school hours.Comprehensive health insurance during school hours for students and transfer to Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital accredited by Al-Ittihad Schools, if necessary.